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Historic Champlin Ranch

in Sonoma, Alta California

"Late 1890s - (Rev.) Charles Chaffee Champlin (standing), Adeline Bradford Champlin (his Mother), Sarah Bartlett Champlin (his Grandmother, lower), Asahel Warner Champlin (his Father) out front with Ginger, the dog"
General M. G. Vallejo's Well





Champlin Ranch Owners “Since 1856”


Charles Chaffee Champlin


b. 1812 “Native of New York”      d. 1892 – Sonoma Township


Wife: Sarah Ann Bartlett          

b. 1820         d. 1898 - Sonoma 


Asahel Warner Champlin


b.1846         d.  8/14/1926 - Sonoma


Wife: Adeline Bradford Park        

b.1848           d. 1921 - Sonoma      


Rev. Charles Chaffee Champlin


b. 12/21/1876 – Agua Caliente       d. 12/9/1965 – Petaluma


Wife: Maude Fraser       

b. 1874        d. 6/24/23 - Pittsburg, Cal.


Wife: Cordia Nancy Brown          

b. 1876         d. 1/7/81  - Petaluma


                         Grace Champlin Adams

(Sister of Rev. Charles C. Champlin)        


b. 3/9/1876 - Washington    d. 9/23/1958 – Los Angeles


Fraser Bradford Champlin

(Brother of Malcolm M. Champlin)


b. February 28, 1910 – California      d. January 29, 1989 – Petaluma


Judge Malcolm McGregor Champlin

b. April 13, 1911 – San Francisco   d. January 3, 1998 - Oakland



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